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"Tim Fitch did a very nice installation job for my new Rinnai tankless water heater system."
E . H from Chesapeake, VA on April 14th, 2014
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"First - my zip code is 23435 not 23434.I find the unit to be operating very well. The only minor complaint I have is that I get a vibration in the bathroom when it is operating. I talked to the Installer who was going to come back and put rubber dampers between the wall and the tankless heater unit to lessen the vibration but I've been waiting two years and he still hasn't been back to fix the problem. I guess the statement is true - Once they have your money its like pulling teeth to get them back,"
S . T from Suffolk, VA on April 11th, 2014
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"Tim replaced our 50 gallon water heater in our attic with a Rinnai tankless. He had to come up with a new configuration and mounting system and also incorporated an automatic leak valve on the system. His price was thousands less that local competitors and the service Tim has provided ever since has been spectacular. Tim is easy to talk to, is genuinely interested in understanding the customer’s concerns and desires, translates his superb understanding into actions, and provides the customer with exactly what is expected. Tim is a class-act, responsive, professional, timely, and reasonably priced. The BEST tankless representative in Hampton Roads! Would recommend him (and have) and anyone looking to go tankless."
W . T from Norfolk, VA on February 16th, 2014
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"Tim has installed Rinnai on demand heaters in my home and a rental. He knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with. "
G . J from Virginia Beach, VA on February 8th, 2014
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"I had written a review saying that I was not happy with a remote set up for my tankless water heater, Mr Fitch called and he has corrected the problem which shows he is a very honest bussiness man. I would highly recomend his company to all of my friends."
f . b from Suffolk, Va, VA on January 7th, 2014
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"Tim's team installed my Rinnia instant water heater 4 years ago. My previous water heater was in the attic; they solved a problem for me as I did not want another 50 gallons in my attic. His team installed an instant hot water unit outside and has worked like a champ so far. Great job!R/Pete"
P . D from Chesapeake, VA on August 3rd, 2013
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"Couldn't have asked for better work or better men to do it. Tim's knowledge of the Rinnai and other water heaters, as well as how the water pipe system in my house worked made it easy to choose him to do my work. He was here when he said he'd be, he and Mike got the job done quickly so I wasn't without water too long, they were professional and accepting of all of the animals running around the property!My older, tank water heater was leaking water but that was all I knew. I called Tim and he came out quickly, assessed the damage, gave me options and estimates and then completed the work all within the week. I was very impressed and continue to be impressed each time I turn my water on...Tim and Mike replaced all of my water pipes under the house and in the walls, thereby increasing the pressure tremendously! They're hard workers, professional to the max, and I'd recommend them to anyone who needs this work done. Can't say enough good things about this company!"
P . J from Hampton, VA on June 3rd, 2013
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"I chose Fitch Specialties to install a Rinnai tankless water heater and run a gas line to my range/stove because of the following reasons.1. Tim Fitch (the owner), arrived on time.2. Mr. Fitch put booties on his boots to protect my floors and carpet.3. He provided excellent description and information on the 2 Rinnai tankless heaters that would be best for my house size, giving detailed pros and cons between each product.4. He provided detailed step by step description what need to be accomplished from start to finish including what may be issues that he has seen from previous installations.5. Provided on the spot a detailed estimate and went over it line item by line item.On the day of the installation, his assistant was here on time and Mr. Fitch arrived shortly there after (he had called stating he personality would be about 1 hr late). His assistant put booties on his boots and drained and removed the old tank water heater. By then Mr. Fitch arrived and the two of them work all day like a "well oiled machine". At one point the electrician they use arrived to install the power in the closet and without extra charge fixed the shorted out light fixture in the attic. The entire installation of the water heater went smoothly. In installing the gas line to the kitchen, they cut only the holes in the walls as necessary and installed required access panels where the holes were. Again the installation was professional.The entire experience with Fitch Specialties was very professional. They worked without stopping except for a short lunch. When they were done they cleaned up so well it did not look like they were ever here. Mr. Fitch took care of all the permits and the coordination with Virginia Natural Gas to replace my gas meter with the required larger meter. Mr. Fitch even scheduled the city inspection and was there to answer any questions and to fix if necessary any inspection findings. I can not say enough about how pleased I was with Fitch Specialties and with Tim Fitch's and his assistance's professionalism and pride in thir work. I have hired him to conduct the yearly maintenance for my new tankless water heater. Tim Fitch will be my plumber from now on."
E . M from Virginia Beach, VA on March 19th, 2013
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"Outstanding installation process! My thanks Tim and Zak for their professional job!"
G . B from South Mills, NC on February 20th, 2013
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"Very professional people! Great product! I no longer have to worry about my hot water heater exploding in the attic and flooding my house!"
A . W from Virginia Beach, VA on February 20th, 2013
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