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Just like any other machine, your water heating heating and plumbing systems benefit from routine professional maintenance. In fact, routine servicing can help increase service life, efficiency, and ultimately the comfort of you and your family or workplace. A poorly maintained system will rob you of efficiency resulting in higher energy bills. It will shorten the life of the equipment. A well maintained system is not only more reliable but safer for you, your family or employees.

Our Maintenance Plan customers do not have to worry if their equipment is getting what it needs. Best of all, our plans help keep unexpected repair costs to a minimum, and the comfort of your home to a maximum.

As a maintenance program customer you get discounted service rates, 24/7 priority scheduling, pre-scheduled maintenance and peace of mind for all your water heating and plumbing systems.

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Tankless Water Heating Systems

Conventional Water Heating Systems

What does the Annual maintenance for tankless water heaters include? What does the Annual maintenance for tank water heaters include?
Flushing of the water heater to remove sediment and calcium from the heat exchanger Flushing of the water heater tank to remove sediment and mineral deposits
Cleaning of the inlet filters Inspection of the anode rod
Cleaning of the flame sensor Cleaning of the flame arrestor
Inspection of the T&P valve Cleaning of the flame sensor
Inspect and clean heat exchanger - Semi-annual Inspect thermopile or thermocouple
Inspection and cleaning of water heater venting Inspection of the T&P valve
Detail flame plate