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Providing Hot Water on Demand

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Water recirculation systems are effective. The most energy efficient type of recirculating system is the hot water demand system. The demand system pump only operates when you desire hot water. When you push the start button, or activate it with some other means such as a motion detector, the pump comes on and speeds the heated water to your fixture, sending the cooled off water from the previous use back to the heater through the cold water piping.

D'MAND Water Recirculation System

The D’MAND System is the only recirculating system that operates 24 hours to provide hot water “on demand” at the same time it saves water, energy and money.

Fitch Specialties is your local hot water circulation experts!

The D’MAND System is a small, silent pump that you attach to the hot and cold water lines in the cabinet under the most remote kitchen or bath fixture in the home. When the D’MAND System is activated, the cool water you normally let run down the drain is recirculated back to the water heater through the cold water line.

On demand, the pump circulates hot water from the water heater and returns the cooled water back through the cold water line. When the hot water arrives at the faucet, the D’MAND System’s patented heat sensor and control board shut off the pump to prevent pumping excess hot water into the cold water line.

  • Runs Only When Activated by the User
  • Automatically Senses When Water is Hot Enough.
  • Saves Water, Energy and Money
  • Saves Construction Costs—No new return line needed and no need to drain the system.
  • Simple Installation

D'MAND ACT Circulators

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Metlund Water Recirculation System

At the push of a button, the ACT, Inc. Hot Water D'MAND Kontrol Systems circulate the ambient temperature water in the hot water lines (water that is normally lost down the drain) back to the water heater. This occurs up to 80% faster than just letting the water run down the drain-the usual scenario. Depending on the plumbing layout, the route and time can vary. The D'MAND Kontrol Systems move the water rapidly, so that the hot water arrives at the fixtures before the heat is lost through the pipe.

As the ambient temperature water in the cold water line travels towards the water heater, the D'MAND Kontrol Systems fill the hot water line with hot water. When the hot water reaches the D'MAND Kontrol Systems, a thermal sensor (thermister) senses a temperature rise and quickly shuts the pump off. The sophisticated electronic circuitry that does this is attached to the high-performance pump housing.

This results in getting hot water to the fixtures three to four times faster (on average), greater convenience in not having to wait, a savings in water and energy, and a reduction in sewage costs!

The Rinnai Ultra Series – RUR Model

Imagine turning on a shower and getting hot water almost immediately. Considering the average family loses precious time and numerous gallons a day waiting for water to heat up, that would be an invaluable change in routine. If you’re tired of standing idly by while time and water go down the drain, Rinnai has five words that are sure to inspire you: Faster Hot Water Is Here!

Bringing Faster Hot Water Home.

Our focus on enhancing homeowners’ lives by changing the way water is heated has created an exciting breakthrough in recirculation that puts faster hot water a turn of the knob away.

Rinnai’s Ultra Series Tankless Water Heater RUR Models use thermal bypass technology that includes an integrated recirculation pump, an internal bypass line inside the model and a thermal bypass valve, and MC-195T 24-Hour Digital Controller provided inside the box to send unlimited hot water wherever and whenever it’s needed, all in one comprehensive solution. By keeping a steady supply of heated water in the supply line during active circulation periods, the RUR makes hot water rapidly available in showers, sinks and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Wait Less, Waste Less.

Getting hot water faster creates significant benefits above and beyond the convenience of saving time. Recirculation means less water and money down the drain, saving on natural resources and the utility costs related to gas and water usage. And you can save even more energy by programming the 24-hour digital controller that’s included in the box. It enables the scheduling of multiple recirculation events throughout the day to align with usage patterns and ensure hot water is available at the fixtures during peak demand times such as early morning before work and school.

With the typical U.S. home wasting potentially thousands of gallons of water annually waiting for hot water, the RUR’s fast-track delivery system pays off at the faucet and in the budget. And the convenience and comfort of hot water recirculation is an attractive feature that adds resale value to a home.

Adaptable to plumbing systems with or without a dedicated recirculation line, the Ultra Series Tankless Water Heater RUR Models are the only tankless water heaters to feature both Concentric and PVC/CPVC venting options on the same model, offering the ultimate flexibility.

The pleasure of faster hot water is truly at hand. And big water and gas savings are on tap, too. Thanks to Rinnai’s smart recirculation technology, there is less waiting and less waste.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters deliver trusted quality and proven reliability you can count on. From efficient, durable products to experienced support, there is simply no better choice than Rinnai.

  • Wide range of quality product offerings
  • Easy, safe ventilation options
  • 24/7 technical support for professionals
  • Engineering application support for commercial customers
  • Industry-leading recirculation capabilities
  • More venting solutions on the same model