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Water Heating, Recirculating, Fireplace & Commercial Plumbing

Fitch Specialties, LLC is your local water heating, fireplace and commercial plumbing experts!
Call us when you need service and repair!

  • Tankless Water Heating Service & Repair
  • Conventional Water Heating Service & Repair
  • Recirculator Service& Repair
  • Commercial Water Heating Service& Repair

Tankless Water Heating

Tankless Water Heating Services

An endless supply of hot water, whenever you need it - even for multiple tasks at the same time. Tankless Water Heaters revolutionize comfort, energy efficiency and convenience.

Tank Water Heating

Conventional Tank Water Heating Services

Traditional Tank Style Water Heaters are an economical choice for smaller homes and have a much quicker recovery time compared to older electric water heaters along with affordable operating costs.

Fireplace Services

Fireplace Services

Fireplaces add ambience in any room! Fitch Specialties, LLC is here to install, repair and service your fireplace, insertd and log sets!

Commercial Water Heating

Commercial Water Heating Services

We provide all types of plumbing services in commercial applications like restaurants, schools, hotels, residential complexes, and correctional facilities. We specialize in commercial water heater service and installation.

Recirculation Services

Recirculator Services

Water recirculation systems are effective. The most energy efficient type of recirculating system is the hot water demand system. The demand system pump only operates when you desire hot water.

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance Agreements

As a maintenance program customer you get discounted service rates, 24/7 priority scheduling, pre-scheduled maintenance and peace of mind for all your water heating and plumbing systems.